Schlage Smart Lock Battery Replacement (Video Instructions)

Key Takeaway

  • Schlage lock battery replacement comprises 4 easy steps-
    • Removing the inner cover
    • Taking out the battery pack and replacing the batteries
    • Reconnecting the battery tray
    • Testing the lock
  • Ensure to use only alkaline batteries and not lithium ion batteries.

If you’ve come to a point where batteries on your Schlage smart lock have died and need replacement, then this guide will help you.

In this blog post, I’ll explain everything you need to know about Schlage smart lock battery replacement, so you can be done away with it in a jiffy. I have also made a video so that instructions are pretty clear.

How to Change Battery on Schlage Lock?

Changing batteries in a Schlage lock require these steps –

  • Remove the cover from interior assembly
  • Take out the battery pack to replace new batteries
  • Reconnect the battery pack & cover
  • Test the lock
How to change battery in Schlage lock

Remove the Cover from Interior Assembly

On majority of Schlage smart locks, the cover is just slid on the interior assembly and all you have to do is to slide it out. Here is an image of the interior assembly (with cover) for Schlage Encode that I installed on one of my doors.

Cover on interior assembly for Schlage Encode
Half opened cover on Schlage Encode

Take Out the Battery Pack & Replace Batteries

Once the cover is taken off, it is time to take out battery pack. Following video shows how to do it –

How to take out battery pack on Schlage smart lock

Replace new batteries with the old ones. Do remember to check for polarities. Also ensure that you are using only the alkaline batteries as advised by the company.

If alkaline batteries are not used, then you might see your batteries draining fast.

Reconnect Battery Pack & Cover

Insert the battery tray (with new batteries) back and put the cover on. Usually on all Schlage models, there will be small metal strips on bottom of battery tray. These metals strips should face you when you are inserting the tray back again.

I have shown it in the following video –

How to reconnect battery tray

Test the Lock

It’s time now to test the lock and see if battery replacement was successful or not. This is how you can check the same –

  • Low battery warning sign on Schlage home app should have gone
  • The lock can be operated by the app and the keypad.

How to Know That Your Schlage Lock Needs Battery Replacement?

Refer to these signs to tell whether your Schlage lock needs battery replacement or not –

  • Schlage home app shows how much battery does the lock have. For example, in the image below, my Schlage Encode has 94% battery remaining.
Battery status on Schlage home app
Battery status on Schlage home app
  • Solid red LED light will start flashing on the keypad when the battery is low.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Will my Schlage lock continue to work in case of a power outage at my residence?

Answer – Yes, the Schlage electronic lock will still work even if there is a power outage. Schlage electronic locks are battery operated and do not need to be connected to an electrical outlet, so they will continue to operate even in the event of a power outage. 

Q2. How long do batteries last on Schlage locks?

Answer – Generally batteries on Schlage smart locks can last anywhere from 4-12 months depending on frequency of usage, wifi connectivity, installation and integration with other platforms.


Replacing batteries on a Schlage lock need not be a stressful exercise. As mentioned in the article above, you can be done away with it in less than a minute.

However, ensure to use proper battery type or you run the risk of battery drainage.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

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