Lockpicking Alert: The Ultimate Guide to Wallet Lock Pick Kits

Key Takeaway

  • Wallet lock pick kits offer a discreet and portable way to delve into the art of lock picking.
  • Consider factors like quality, tool variety, portability, lock compatibility, reusability, and brand reputation when choosing a wallet lock pick kit.
  • The Grim Lock Pick and Escape Card offers versatility, reliability, and additional emergency escape gear.
  • The Sparrows Chaos Card provides an array of lock picking tools catering to various lock types, and the functioning handcuff key is a standout feature.

Lock picking, as a field, is a beautiful playground where upgrades in lock security (like spool pins, mushroom pins, smart locks etc) are met by equally mind bending developments in lock picking tools. Such a development is named Credit Card lock pick set or wallet lock pick set. 

As the name suggests, a credit card lock pick set is of the same size as a normal credit card that can fit in your wallet. It contains all the necessary tools to help you escape and evade from a tricky situation such as handcuffs. However it has proved to be a real boon for ethical lockpickers as they can have access to their toolkit all the time. 

In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the better options available in the market for wallet lock pick sets. Since I have tested them on actual locks, I will also share my testing results. So let’s begin. 

What are Wallet Lock Pick Kits?

What are Wallet Lock Pick Kits?

A wallet lock pick kit is a set of miniature lock picking tools ingeniously designed to fit within the size of a standard credit card. These kits typically include various lock picks, tension wrenches, and other auxiliary tools, all neatly tucked within a slim, discreet package.

Wallet lock pick kits mimic the functions of traditional lock picks but in a more compact form. The tools are strategically shaped to interact with the lock’s pins and tumblers, enabling users to manipulate them to unlock the mechanism.

What to Consider While Choosing the Best Wallet Lock Pick Kit?

When selecting a wallet lock pick card, there are several crucial factors to keep in mind to ensure you get the best tool for your lock picking endeavors. Here are the key considerations I recommend:

Quality and Material:

Always prioritize a wallet lock pick card made from high-quality materials like stainless steel. This ensures durability and reliability, allowing the tool to withstand the rigors of lock picking without any risk of bending or breaking. This becomes even more important given the fact that tools are smaller and if they are not built from durable material, they might break in the lock.

Tool Variety:

The versatility of the lock pick card is of utmost importance. Look for a card that offers a variety of lock pick tools, such as hook picks, rake picks, and tension wrenches. Having a diverse tool selection allows you to tackle different types of locks with ease.

Portability and Size:

The whole purpose of a wallet lock pick card is its portability. Ensure that the card is slim, lightweight, and conveniently sized like a standard credit card. This way, you can carry it discreetly in your wallet or pocket, ready to use whenever necessary.

Lock Compatibility:

Assess the types of locks you commonly encounter and ensure that the card’s tools are well-suited for those specific locks. Different locks may require different lock pick profiles, so having a versatile card with a range of options is highly advantageous.


Look for a lock pick card that is designed for repeated use. A reliable tool retention system should allow you to remove and return each tool to the card without any loss of functionality. This ensures the card remains dependable and usable over time.

Lock Used For Testing Purposes

Master Lock 141DLF used to test the wallet lock pick set for its smaller keyways

I have a habit of testing every product (lock picking kit) before I make any purchase. I decided on Master Lock 141DLF to test the wallet lock pick sets.

The reason for choosing Master Lock 141dlf was that it has a smaller keyway than most other locks and if these lock pick sets can work on this lock, then they will be good for normal keyways as well.

Besides I had this model handy when I was doing the testing. 🙂

Best Wallet Lock Pick Kits – Tried & Tested

Let us now talk about some of the great wallet lock picking kits.

1. Grim Lock Pick and Escape Card (Personally Used)

As a lock picking enthusiast, I have always been eager to get my hands on the Grim Lock Pick and Escape Card to test its capabilities. Grim Workshop is renowned for making impressive credit card lock pick sets therefore it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that it is my top recommendation. 

After using it extensively, I must say, I’m thoroughly impressed with this credit card-sized multi-tool! I can slip it right into my wallet without adding any bulk. It’s incredibly thin and lightweight, making it perfect for everyday carry. 

The Grim Lock Pick and Escape Card offers a wide selection of lock picking tools, including:

  • 5 Lock Pick Profiles
  • 2 Different Sized Turning Tools
  • Handcuff Key
  • Shim
  • Saw and File

The 1mm thin steel construction gives this tool a sturdy feel in my hand. I’ve used it multiple times, and it shows no signs of wear. It’s tough enough to handle even stubborn locks without bending or breaking. 

What sets this tool apart is its versatility. Not only is it an excellent lock pick set, but it also doubles as a survival tool with various emergency escape gear. This makes it an essential companion for both my lock picking adventures and my outdoor excursions.

The Grim Tool Retention System is brilliant. I love how I can use it repeatedly without any loss of functionality. The non-magnetic and non-sticky features ensure that it won’t interfere with my credit cards or attract gunk over time. And the adhesive on the back is a nice touch, allowing me to stick it to other objects for quick access.

Knowing that Grim stands behind their product with a guarantee puts my mind at ease. It’s a testament to their commitment to providing excellent customer service and ensuring the tool lives up to its promises. 

Even though the handles of these tools are really short (due to miniature size) that required a bit of training at my end, I will wholeheartedly recommend the Grim Lock Pick and Escape Card to anyone passionate about lock picking or seeking a reliable and practical emergency tool. 

Few Notable Points About Saw & The File

  • At first I doubted the effectiveness of the saw but I was mighty impressed with what it could do. I was able to flawlessly cut through tape and rope.
  • I didn’t get a chance to test the file too much so I really can’t comment on that.

Testing Result

Apart from me getting used to short handles and smaller keyway troubles, the wallet lock pick set from Grim Workshop did a wonderful job. At no point it felt that I was not using a full blown lockpicking kit.

2. Sparrows Chaos Card (Tried and Tested)

Sparrows Chaos Card (Tried and Tested)

Having extensively tested the Sparrows Chaos Card, I must say that this escape kit truly lives up to its name and reputation. The versatile tool selection provides a comprehensive solution for various lock picking challenges. From the precision of the short hook and triple peak to the adaptability of the auto rocker/jiggler, this toolset covers a wide range of lock types, making it suitable for lock picking enthusiasts like myself.

The Sparrow Chaos Card boasts an extensive assortment of lock picking tools catering to a wide range of locks, which includes:

  • 2 Lock Pick Profiles
  • Turning Tool
  • Handcuff Key
  • 4 and 5 Pin Comb Picks
  • Jiggler Key
  • Wafer Pick

The functioning flat handcuff key is undoubtedly a standout feature of the Chaos Card. Its half-barrel design ingeniously bypasses restricted keyways found in regulation handcuffs, granting swift and easy access when needed. As a lock expert, I can attest to its practicality and effectiveness.

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the Sparrows Chaos Card is built to withstand repeated use without compromising on performance. As a professional in the lock industry, I value tools that are reliable, and this escape kit certainly meets that criterion.

Test Result

By the time I got down to test Sparrow Chaos card, I had gotten used to shorter handles so that saved me some time. I was able to pick the lock using both the tools – short hook and triple peak. Well done Sparrow!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Are wallet lock pick kits legal to own and carry? 

Answer – Wallet lock pick kits are legal to own in many jurisdictions, but their legality for carry may vary. It’s essential to check your local laws and regulations regarding the possession and transportation of lock picking tools to ensure you comply with the legal requirements.

Q2. Can beginners use wallet lock pick kits effectively? 

Answer – While wallet lock pick kits are user-friendly, effective lock picking requires practice and skill development. Beginners can certainly start with these kits, but it’s crucial to invest time in learning lock picking techniques and gaining experience.

Q3. Are wallet lock pick kits suitable for all types of locks? 

Answer – Wallet lock pick kits offer a range of tools, but their functionality may be limited compared to full-sized lock pick sets. They are generally suitable for standard pin and tumbler locks but may not be ideal for more complex or high-security locks.


Wallet lock pick kits offer an exciting and discreet entry into the world of lock picking. With the right approach, responsible use, and adherence to legal guidelines, enthusiasts can master this skill and appreciate the intricacies of lock mechanisms. Remember, practice and patience are key to becoming proficient in lock picking while respecting the importance of privacy and personal property. As you embark on this journey, embrace the art of lock picking with a sense of curiosity, respect, and ethical responsibility.

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