Does Walmart Make Keys? Find The Answer Here!

Key Takeaway

  • Walmart offers key duplication services through its innovative self-service kiosks called MinuteKey, available at select Walmart locations. 
  • MinuteKey provides a quick and efficient key duplication process, utilizing state-of-the-art laser imaging systems and an intuitive touch screen interface. 
  • To find the nearest MinuteKey kiosk at a Walmart store, customers can use the store locator feature on the official Walmart website. 

With its expansive reach spanning 20 countries and a staggering number of over 10,500 stores worldwide, Walmart stands as a global retail powerhouse renowned for its extensive range of products. Yet, beneath the surface of its diverse offerings lies an intriguing find that emerged from my in-depth research and investigation – a hidden gem in the form of key duplication (or copy) services.

In my earlier blog posts highlighting the keying services at Home Depot and Lowe’s, I delved into the comprehensive options provided by these prominent players in the home improvement industry. Today, in this article, my focus shifts toward a remarkable revelation uncovered during my exploration of Walmart’s key duplication services.

Does Walmart Offer Key Copy Services?

Does Walmart Offer Key Copy Services?

Yes, Walmart offers key duplication services. They have dedicated key centers or service desks where you can request a copy of the key. The process typically involves providing the original key that needs to be duplicated to get the copy key. 

It’s worth noting that the availability of key duplication services may vary by location, so it’s advisable to contact your local Walmart store or visit their website to inquire about the specific services offered at that location.

Minute Key: The Key Duplication Kiosk at Walmart

Prepare to be amazed as I introduce you to MinuteKey, a self-service key duplication marvel available at select Walmart locations. These innovative kiosks function much like automated vending machines, transforming the tedious process of duplicating keys into a breeze. 

Whether you need duplicates for standard home locks, padlocks, or even specific vehicle keys (both transponder and non-transponder), MinuteKey has got you covered. With a cost ranging from $2 to $5 per key and a remarkable turnaround time of just a few minutes, MinuteKey proves to be a game-changer.

Unveiling Walmart’s MinuteKey: My Personal Experience

Unveiling Walmart's MinuteKey: My Personal Experience

During my extensive research on the key duplication services offered by MinuteKey at Walmart, I was absolutely intrigued. As I delved deeper into the subject, I discovered an impressive combination of features, including an intuitive touchscreen interface and state-of-the-art laser imaging systems. 

As I approached the MinuteKey machine at my local Walmart, the first step was to insert my original key into the machine, which immediately triggered a series of step-by-step instructions displayed on the screen, taking me through the process. 

Following these instructions, I was led through the entire process, and I watched in awe as the machine worked its magic. It was truly a sight to behold as the laser imaging systems meticulously scanned my key, capturing every intricate detail. Within a matter of moments, a brand-new duplicate key emerged, ready to be used.

Navigating Walmart’s Key Duplication Landscape

To find the nearest MinuteKey kiosk at your local Walmart store, look no further than the convenient store locator feature on the official Walmart website. Once you’ve found the nearest store, bring your original key and a credit or debit card for payment, as MinuteKey operates on a cashless system.


Here’s a breakdown of the typical costs for key duplication at MinuteKey kiosks in Walmart:

Key TypePrice Range
Standard House Key$2 to $5
Vehicle Key$25 and above
Padlock Key$2 to $5

Please note that the prices may vary slightly depending on the specific Walmart location and key type. 

Does Walmart Copy Car Keys?

Does Walmart Copy Car Keys?

Walmart has the ability to duplicate vehicle keys, including transponder keys, at select locations. The cost of duplication depends on factors like the vehicle’s make, model, and year, ranging from $23 to $330. Programming transponder keys typically takes around 7 minutes.

Car keys come in two types: non-transponder and transponder keys.

Non-transponder keys are regular metal keys without a chip. If your vehicle was manufactured before 1999, MinuteKey, a service available at Walmart, can likely duplicate these keys for you. The process is quick and costs approximately $10.

Transponder keys, on the other hand, contain an RFID chip with a unique code. When inserted into the ignition, the key’s code is read by an RFID receiver to start the car. While Walmart’s MinuteKey booths can duplicate many transponder keys, some keys may require you to visit your local Walmart. These keys can be scanned there and then created elsewhere before being shipped to you, with delivery taking 3-5 days.

Does Walmart Copy Key Fobs?

Walmart also offers key fob duplication through its InstaFob service. Key fobs, commonly used for access control in gyms, pools, and apartments, can be duplicated at certain Walmart locations. The cost for duplicating a key fob using this service ranges from $25 to $30, making it a more affordable option compared to obtaining a new fob from service management providers, such as apartment landlords.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How long does the key duplication process take at MinuteKey kiosks? 

Answer – The key duplication process at MinuteKey kiosks usually takes around 2 minutes per key. This quick turnaround time ensures a convenient experience for customers.

Q2. Can I get custom designs for my duplicate keys? 

Answer – Yes, MinuteKey offers a variety of custom key designs to choose from. Whether you want a sports-themed key or a design featuring adorable kittens, MinuteKey has options to suit various preferences.

Q3. Can I pay with cash at MinuteKey kiosks? 

Answer – No, MinuteKey operates on a cashless system. You’ll need a credit or debit card for payment.

Q4. Does Walmart make duplicate keys without the original keys? 

Answer – Walmart’s key duplication service requires the original key as a template for copying. If you don’t have the original key, it’s recommended to consider replacing the lock or contacting a locksmith for assistance.

Q5. Does Walmart copy ‘Do Not Duplicate’ keys?

Answer – It’s important to note that Walmart cannot duplicate “Do Not Duplicate” or restricted keys. These keys are specifically designed to prevent unauthorized access to certain areas like mailboxes or safe deposit boxes. 


Unlock the full potential of Walmart’s key duplication services with MinuteKey. Through my extensive research, I have discovered a hidden treasure within the vast aisles of Walmart’s offerings. With MinuteKey’s user-friendly interface, lightning-fast processing time, and an assortment of custom key designs, Walmart ensures that your key duplication needs are met with utmost convenience. The secrets are out, so head to your nearest Walmart store and experience the wonders of MinuteKey for yourself. 

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