Gas Meter Lock Removal: Learn How To Take Lock Off Gas Meter

Key Takeaway

  • Gas meter lock removal should be done only if it is too necessary otherwise you might get punished and fined by the authorities.
  • To remove a gas meter lock, you need to insert a screw, screwdrivers, and a pair of wrenches. 

You must be pretty familiar with a gas meter if you live in a city. A gas meter is an important tool for tracking your gas usage for billing. And to ensure that nobody tempers with your gas meter, it is protected by a gas meter lock. The lock also helps seal the leakage of the gas, making it an important component of not only home security but also home safety.

While it is not recommended to remove the lock oneself, sometimes it becomes necessary to remove the lock to access the gas meter for several reasons, as discussed in the article. In certain avoidable circumstances, when removing the gas meter lock is the only choice, it is important to follow the required precautions and follow a clear set of instructions.

In this article, I will guide you through how to remove a gas meter lock carefully and safely.

Why May You Need To Remove Gas Meter Lock?

Here are a few reasons why you may need to remove a gas meter lock.

  • You need to read the usage on your gas meter.
  • You are moving to another house and do not need gas in the previous house.
  • You need to turn off the gas in case of an emergency or disaster.
  • You moved into a new home, but the gas is still connected to the previous owner’s account.
  • You need to fix your gas meter.

How To Remove Gas Lock From Meter

How To Remove Gas Lock From Meter

The most efficient way to remove a gas meter lock from your meter is by using a key. However, if you do not have access to the key, there are alternative ways to access gas meter lock removal. Though it is noteworthy that the alternative ways to remove a gas meter lock are more complicated, you may be fined by the authorities if anything goes wrong.

Prepare The Required Materials

Successful removal of a gas meter lock requires a few tools and a set of instructions. The tools required for the task are as follows.

  • A long screw 
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Philips-head screwdriver
  • A pair of wrenches

Steps To Remove Gas Meter Barrel Lock

Follow the steps given below to remove a gas meter lock successfully.

  • Step 1: A gas meter is protected by not only a gas meter lock but also a gas meter cover. Most gas meter covers are held in place with the help of screws. Use a flathead screwdriver to unscrew the screws and remove the gas meter cover. 
    gas meter lock
    Once you remove the gas meter cover, you will see the gas meter. Carefully lift it out of the housing a little, just enough so you can turn it.
  • Step 2: Take a screw, remove its head, and smoothen its threadings on the top part. Ensure that the bottom part of the screw has enough threadings.
  • Step 3: Next, insert the manipulated screw into the hole on the dial of the gas meter that shows your gas usage. This is where the gas meter lock lies. Push it, so it reaches the bottom of the lock, and turn it a few times until you hear a clicking sound.  You may use a pair of wrenches to turn the screw in.
    manipulated screw
  • Step 4: Once you have turned it in enough, the gas meter lock should detach and pop out, and you should be free to turn off your gas.
    gas meter lock should detach
  • Step 5: Once you have successfully removed the gas meter lock, place the meter cover back after placing your gas meter in its original position. Tighten the screws of the meter cover.

Precautions During Gas Lock Removal 

A gas line is a sensitive thing to deal with and can lead to accidents. Hence any operation must be performed with utmost care and precautions.

Here are some precautions that you must adhere to during gas meter lock removal

  • Ensure no kids or pets are nearby when dealing with the gas meter lock.
  • When doing the process, be sure that nothing flammable or combustible is around.
  • Take assistance from the authorities or a professional if you are unsure about removing the gas meter lock on your own.
  • Before removing the gas meter lock, close the main gas line valve.
  • To prevent any injuries, put on gloves, masks, and other required protection.

What Happens If You Break Your Gas Meter Lock During Removal?

Charges of Criminal Theft And Vandalism: Though gas meters and gas meter locks are installed in homes and buildings, they are owned by service providers. If a gas meter lock is removed without the consent of the authority, they may charge you with a criminal offense in case of damage or breakage.

Reimbursement Of Damage And Hefty Fines: In case of damage to the gas meter lock, the authorities may ask you to reimburse the damage cost. In addition to that, you may also be imposed hefty fines that you can not avoid but pay.

Permanent Gas Service Loss: In case you have already been warned or fined for removing a gas meter lock without the consent of the authorities, you may also face permanent gas service loss in case you break a gas meter lock while attempting to remove it.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Is gas meter lock removal considered illegal in the US?

Answer – The Gas Safety Regulations 1998, Section 13 (3) states that “No person shall install a meter in a meter box provided with a lock unless the consumer has been provided with a suitably labeled key to that lock.” Hence, removing the gas meter locks without the consent of authorities may result in charges of vandalism and theft, fines, or even imprisonment.

Q2. In case I accidentally break my gas meter lock while removing it, what should I do?

Answer – In case of accidental breakage of the gas meter lock while removal, contact your gas utility providers immediately and seek professional help to avoid any accidents. 


A gas meter lock is a sensitive aspect of home security and home safety. Hence, you should avoid removing by yourself until absolutely necessary. Take all the necessary precautions and read the instructions carefully before starting the procedure. 

If you were looking for how to take the lock off a gas meter, the article must have helped you. If you have successfully removed your gas meter lock using the instructions given in the article, share your experience with us in the comment section.

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