How to Rekey Kwikset Smart Lock in Less Than a Minute

Key Takeaway

  • SmartKey Technology allows users to rekey Kwikset smart deadbolts without the need of a professional locksmith.
  • Follow these steps to rekey your smart deadbolt – 
    • Keep the door open and deadbolt in locked position
    • Insert old key and rotate it 90 degree clockwise
    • Insert SmartKey fully into the hole. You will hear a click sound. After that, remove SmartKey as well as the old key
    • Insert the new key and rotate it 180 degrees counterclockwise. 
    • Rotate the new 180 degree clockwise to see if it does come out of the keyway. Ideally it shouldn’t.
    • Last step in rekeying the Kwikset smart lock is to rotate the new key 90 degrees counterclockwise to starting position. At this point, your deadbolt is rekeyed.

Imagine a scenario where you’ve just moved into a new house and the front door has a Kwikset smart deadbolt installed. Now what will you do? Will you rekey or replace the lock to beef up the security?

I would say that if that Kwikset smart lock comes with SmartKey Technology, then rekeying might be the better option.

You will not have to call a locksmith and burn a hole in your pocket. In-fact , you can do it in less than a minute by yourself.  

In this guide, I will explain how to rekey Kwikset smart lock in easy steps. Since I have installed Kwikset Halo myself, I will be sharing the images for the same. However the process remains the same for every Kwikset smart lock.

So let’s begin.

How to Know If Your Kwikset Lock Comes with SmartKey Technology?

Before we come to the actual steps for rekeying, it becomes necessary to know if the deadbolt is SmartKey tech enabled or not.

There are 2 telltale signs of whether your Kwikset smart lock is SmartKey enabled or not. 

  • The deadbolt would have come with an odd looking key. Refer to the image below that came with my Kwikset Halo.
Kwikset SmartKey
  • There will be a small hole alongside the traditional keyway. The hole is marked in red in the image below.
How to identify if Kwikset smart lock is SmartKey compatible

If you find these two things in your Kwikset smart deadbolt, then it is SmartKey tech enabled and you can easily rekey the lock in less than a minute.

Let’s move on to the actual steps now.

How to Rekey a Kwikset Smart Deadbolt

Follow these simple steps to successfully rekey your Kwikset deadbolt:

Materials Required:

Before you begin, gather the following materials:

  • Current Key: The key that currently operates your lock.
  • New Key: The key you wish to use after rekeying. This must be a KW1 key. 
  • SmartKey Tool: This tool is specific to Kwikset locks and is crucial for the rekeying process.

Steps to Rekey the Kwikset Deadbolt

Step 1: Prepare Your Door

Before you start the rekeying process, ensure your door is fully open and is in the locked position. 

Step 2: Insert the Current Key

Take the key that currently operates your lock and insert it into the keyhole. Rotate the key 90 degrees clockwise.

Insert the Current Key

Step 3: Use the SmartKey Tool

Insert the SmartKey tool fully and firmly into the SmartKey hole. You should feel the tool click inside the lock. After this, remove the SmartKey tool and also take out the current key.

Use the SmartKey Tool

Step 4: Insert the New Key

Now, insert the new key that you wish to use with the lock. Ensure the key is fully inserted, with the edge touching the indent in the cylinder face. 

Without pushing or pulling the key, rotate it 180 degrees counter-clockwise and then rotate it 180 degrees clockwise. Pull the key to confirm that it doesn’t come out in this position. Finally, rotate the key 90 degrees counterclockwise back to the starting position.

Insert the New Key

Step 5: Remove the New Key

You have successfully rekeyed your Kwikset deadbolt! Remove the new key, and your lock is now configured to the new key.

Can You Rekey a Kwikset Deadbolt without the SmartKey Tool?

The SmartKey tool is specifically designed to simplify the rekeying process. While it’s possible to rekey without it, using the tool ensures a smoother and more efficient experience.

Rekeying a Kwikset deadbolt without SmartKey technology requires accessing the lock cylinder and carefully replacing the existing pins with new ones that match the desired key. This process involves removing the deadbolt, disassembling the lock, and adjusting the internal pins. 

However, due to the intricacies involved, seeking professional locksmith assistance is recommended to ensure proper rekeying and maintain the lock’s security and functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why should I consider rekeying my Kwikset deadbolt?

Answer – Rekeying your lock is a cost-effective way to enhance security without replacing the entire lock. It’s especially useful if you’ve moved into a new home or lost a key, preventing unauthorized access.

Q2. Will any key work with SmartKey technology?

Answer – Kwikset Halo requires the KW1 key to be used as a new key. However, SmartKey technology is now compatible with SC1 keyways as well.


Rekeying your Kwikset smart deadbolt is easy and an effective alternative to replacing it. Just follow the steps mentioned in the article and you will be done in less than a minute.

Do give me a shoutout if you get stuck somewhere and I will be glad to help you.

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