A Comprehensive Guide to Resetting a Brinks Combination Lock

Key Takeaway

  • If you possess the current combination for your Brinks lock, resetting it is a simple process. Start by opening the lock, rotate the shackle 180 degrees and press it down, establish a new combination, test it to ensure proper functionality, and finally confirm the successful reset.

Securing our valuables is of utmost importance, and one way we achieve this is through the use of combination locks. Brinks combination locks have long been trusted for their reliability and robustness in safeguarding our belongings. However, there are instances where we may need to reset these locks, whether it’s due to forgetting the original combination or simply desiring a new code for enhanced security.

Therefore in this article, I will cover how to reset Brinks combination locks. I have been using Brinks 171-30051 padlock for sometime now as my second preferred locker lock. So the steps will be based on my experience with it.

How To Reset Brinks 4 Digit Lock

If you possess the current combination for your Brinks lock, resetting it becomes a straightforward process. Allow me to guide you through the steps required:

Step 1: Opening the Lock

To begin the resetting process, open the lock and rotate the shackle 180 degrees. Then press the shackle down into the lock body. This prepares the lock for the reset procedure by clearing any previous entries.

Step 2: Setting the New Combination

With the shackle firmly pressed down, you can now proceed to set the new combination. Use the dial or wheels to rotate and align your desired numbers for the new code. For example, let’s say you wish to set the combination to “1-2-3-4.” Make precise adjustments to the wheels, ensuring the corresponding numbers align perfectly with the reference line on the lock face.

Step 3: Testing the New Combination

Once the new combination is set, gently release the shackle. Rotate the shackle 180 degrees so that it comes back to its original position. Push down the shackle to lock the lock. Now enter the new combination to check if the lock gets opened. In 99% of the cases, the reset would have been successful. 

However in 1% of the cases where the lock doesn’t open, more often than not, it would be due to new numbers not aligning with the reference line of the lock face. 

Note: These steps are based on my experience with Brinks 171-30051 which is a 4 digit lock. In-fact the reset instructions are also mentioned on the back side of the lock packing cover. Here is the image of the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I change the combination multiple times? 

Answer – Yes, you can change the combination of your Brinks lock multiple times using the same process outlined in this guide. 

Q2. How do I ensure the security of my new combination? 

Answer – To enhance the security of your Brinks combination lock, choose a combination that is not easily guessable and avoid using common patterns or easily identifiable numbers like birthdays or addresses. Additionally, keep your new combination confidential and avoid sharing it with others.


Mastering the process of resetting a Brinks combination lock empowers you to ensure the security and protection of your valuable belongings. Whether you have the original code or find yourself locked out, following the comprehensive instructions provided in this guide will enable you to reset your Brinks lock efficiently. When selecting a new combination, prioritize both strong security and ease of memorization to optimize the lock’s effectiveness.

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  1. I opened my brinks lock and turned the shackle 180 degrees. Then I pushed the shackle inwards and moved the numbers on the dial. However, the shaft was jammed and the shackle wouldn’t rotate anymore. My husband thinks it because I pressed it too hard inwards and that I broke the lock. Is this true? Why is the shackle jammed in the open at 180 degrees position? What can I do? I’m sure that I didn’t press too hard because I am a violinist with delicate fingers and a delicate soft touch to everything I touch. My husband insists that I opened it 180 degrees and then pushed it in too hard and then turned the numbers resulting in the lock jamming in the open 180 position. What should I think, and how do you fix this? Is this a common problem, The lock is 30 years old.


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