A Step-By-Step Guide On How to Take a Doorknob Off Your Door (With Or Without Screws)

Key Takeaway

  • To take off a doorknob with visible screws, use a Phillips head screwdriver to unscrew the screws.
  •  If there are no visible screws, use a flathead screwdriver or an awl to remove the decorative plate to reveal the screws.
  • After removing the screws, take off the lock assembly detaching one component at a time.

When my friend recently moved into her new apartment, she quickly realized that all the door knobs were loose and needed to be replaced. But when she tried to remove them, she quickly ran into a problem as none of them seemed to have screws. And when she was stuck, she could think of nobody other than me and called me to help her out.

A couple of months ago, I wrote a detailed article about removing the Kwikset deadbolt without screws. So, after guiding her about how to take door knobs off without screws, I decided to write an article about the same.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to take a doorknob off your door – with or without screws. We will provide step-by-step instructions on how to remove a door knob, as well as tips and tricks to make the process easier. Read on to learn more! 

The Materials You Will Need

Removing a door knob can be a simple process, and the materials you need for this job are easy to find and can usually be purchased from your local hardware store. With the following tools in hand, you will be ready to tackle any door knob removal project.

  • A Small Flathead Screwdriver
  • A Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • An Awl

How Do You Take Door Knobs Off A Door?

Removing a door knob can be an easy process when you know what to do. Follow the steps given below for a DIY door knob removal project.  

Step 1: Locate The Screws Of The Door Knob

Hidden screws in a doorknob

Before beginning the process of how to remove door knobs, it is important to identify the screws that are connecting the knob to the door. There are two main types of screws used on door knobs – 

  • Standard screws: Standard screws can be found on the inside of the doorknob, and they have a slotted head that can be easily turned with a standard screwdriver.
  • Security screws: Security screws are typically found on the exterior side of the doorknob, and they have a unique head shape that requires a special security screwdriver to remove.


Step 2: Unscrew The Screws

Step 2: Unscrew The Screws

Once you have located the screws, you can use the appropriate screwdriver to begin the process of how to take off a doorknob. If you have difficulty removing the screws, try using a little bit of WD-40 or other lubricants to help loosen them. 

Step 3: Remove The Latch Plate

Visible screws behind the rose plate

Once you have unscrewed the knob, you should be able to slide it off the door easily. If the door knob has a visible latch plate and lock assembly, you will need to remove it first before proceeding. 

Start by inserting a flathead screwdriver into the small hole in the latch plate. This is usually located at the center of the plate. Gently twist and turn the screwdriver until you feel it pop out. 

Step 4: Remove The Lock Assembly

Remove The Lock Assembly

Once the latch plate is removed, use your flathead screwdriver to unscrew the screws that are holding the lock assembly in place. After all the screws have been removed, carefully slide the lock assembly out of its slot. Now you can easily take off the doorknob.

Well that’s all that is there to remove a door knob when you have visible screws. But what do you do when screws are not visible?

What To Do If There Are No Screws On The Door Knob?

What To Do If There Are No Screws On The Door Knob?

I am often asked by many people, ‘how to take off a doorknob that has no screws?’ Factually, no door knob can be installed without screws, as screws hold the door knob on the door. if you have a doorknob with no visible screws, it is likely that the screws are concealed below the decorative plate.

Some door knobs have screws hidden for decorative or security purposes. To access the screws of such door knobs, you must first remove the rose plate.

The most common way to do so is by inserting a flathead screwdriver or another sharp object like an awl into the seam between the door and the rose plate, gently prying them apart. This should release the decorative place to reveal the hidden screws.

Once the screws have been revealed, you may follow the steps given in the previous section to remove the door knob.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How to take a doorknob off a locked door?

Answer – Removing a doorknob from a locked door can be a bit trickier than removing an unlocked doorknob. But it’s definitely possible to take a doorknob off a locked door. Start by locating the screws on either side of the doorknob. Next, use a screwdriver to remove them, and then carefully pull the doorknob off. When the screws have been removed, you can take out the latch plate and lock assembly by inserting a flathead screwdriver into the hole behind the doorknob and pushing inwards. This should push out the entire latch plate and lock assembly.

Q2. How do I remove door handles?

Answer – Start by locating the screws on either side of the door handle. Use a screwdriver to unscrew them, then remove the handle from the door. If there are no screws, you will need to use a pry bar or flathead screwdriver to remove the decorative plate from the door handle to access the screws.

Q3. How can I tell if a doorknob has screws?

Answer – Look closely at the doorknob to see if there are any visible screws. If you don’t see any screws, it is possible that they may be hidden under a decorative cap. If you still can’t find any screws, try using a flashlight to search more closely for them.


Removing a doorknob from your door can seem intimidating, but it is actually quite easy. Whether you have screws or no screws, the process of how to remove door handles, take off doorknob, or take a doorknob off is relatively simple and straightforward. With the proper materials, you can easily take a doorknob off your door in no time.

If you found the information given in the article helpful, share it with your friends and family who might need it. For any other queries about removing a door knob from the door, write to me in the comment section. I shall gladly assist.

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