Kwikset Halo Review: Bought, Used & Reviewed

Key Takeaway

  • Kwikset Halo is a great option if you want sleek design and convenience, coupled with enough security features. 
  • It boasts easy installation, fast response times, user friendly touchscreen, real time alerts, 250 access codes and a lot more. 
  • The drawbacks include non compatibility with third parties like IFTTT and Homekit. Price could also act as a deterrent for some. 

In a world where convenience and security go hand in hand, the Kwikset Halo smart lock emerges as a promising contender. With a seamless installation process and a slew of impressive features, it offers an unparalleled smart lock experience. I am more than satisfied with this upgrade in my home security.

In this article, as promised, after using the smart lock for some months now, I’m here to provide you with a comprehensive review. Join me as I take you through my journey with the Kwikset Halo, starting from installation to performance testing, and finally, the lock’s design, ease of use, and battery life.

Kwikset Halo Performance At a Glance After Using The lock For Over 4 Months


  • Wifi enabled. No bridge required
  • Various locking and unlocking options including app, keypad, bluetooth and physical key
  • Complete locking solution
  • Very easy installation
  • Great Design
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant


  • Limited compatibility with third party integrations like IFTTT and Homekit
  • A bit expensive
  • Occasional issues like jamming, touchscreen not responding etc.

Overall Verdict

AttributeRating After Using the Lock for Over 4 Months
Ease of Use⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Security Features⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Kwikset Halo is a very good option for those who want an entire smart lock solution with all bells and whistles included like deadbolt and strike plates.  It offers great convenience with the highest residential security ANSI lock rating of BHMA grade AAA.  It comes in sleek design and is easy to install. 

The biggest advantage with Kwikset Halo is that it is wifi enabled and no external bridge is required. Though third party integration like IFTTT and Apple Homekit is not supported, you will not miss those too much since it supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

I’ve had a seamless experience with the Kwikset app so far and setting up different access codes is child’s play. The activity history keeps me informed all the time about the status of the lock. 

The only major drawback is that it is pricey compared to other smart lock options on the market. 

Detailed Review of Kwikset Halo Touchscreen Lock

Now let’s take a detailed look at various aspects of Kwikset Halo.

Installation Experience

I had never used a smart lock before Kwikset Halo so I was a bit anxious about the entire installation process. In-fact I had also called a carpenter to help me out. However, to my pleasant surprise, Kwikset Halo installation was a breeze.  It just took me 83 minutes to set up the lock which included removing the old lock assembly, preparing the door, installing the lock and setting up the app and access codes. 

The Kwikset Halo box comes with a latch, touchscreen, internal assembly (thumbturn), strike plate, screws and 4 AA alkaline batteries. As mentioned above, it is a complete lock solution unlike other smart locks (August Wi-Fi smart lock or  Wyze) that can work on your existing deadbolts.

Unboxing Kwikset Halo

I will advise you to download the Kwikset app first before installing the lock. The app has an interactive guide which will prove to be very helpful during the installation.

Kwikset app interactive guide for installation

The interactive guide contains every small bit of information that you will need to set up the lock especially for door preparation. For example, the backset needs to be 60 mm – 70 mm, the hole in the door should either be 38 mm or 54 mm and the door edge hole should be 25 mm.

Preparing the door will consume the maximum amount of time in the entire installation process. Once this step is completed, the rest of the steps will seem like a breeze (except maybe door handling process). 

I will not delve deeper into individual steps of the installation process as I have outlined them in great detail here along with real images.


Kwikset Halo is designed to seamlessly integrate with your home’s aesthetics, offering two distinct designs: contemporary and traditional. The contemporary design impresses with its sleek lines and an illuminated touch-panel keypad, while the traditional version adds a touch of classic charm with its rounded design and backlit buttons. 

Although I own and prefer the touchscreen’s aesthetic, the keyboard is more functional because the touchscreen, at times, might take more than one attempts to function. In-fact, I have also written in detail about what to do when the touchscreen doesn’t seem to be working.


Available finishes, including Venetian Bronze, Satin Nickel, Polished Chrome, and Iron Black, ensure that the lock complements various home styles.

I am using a Satin Nickel finish lock on my front door.

Halo in Satin Nickel finish

Ease of Use

In my opinion, the ease of use provided by the Kwikset Halo smart lock is truly commendable. Here’s a breakdown of its user-friendly features:

Mobile App Convenience: Managing the Kwikset Halo smart lock through the mobile app is a breeze. The app allows you to effortlessly check the lock’s real-time status, create personalized access codes, and efficiently manage users. The instant notifications you receive when the lock is accessed provide an unmatched sense of security and peace of mind.

Seamless Home Automation: The Kwikset Halo integrates smoothly with popular smart home ecosystems like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. This integration has taken my home automation experience to a whole new level. I can control the lock using simple voice commands, making it an integral part of my smart home setup. It’s incredibly convenient and enhances the overall functionality of my connected home. 

The only drawback is that it does not support Apple HomeKit or communicate with third-party gadgets via IFTTT applets. But truth be told, I am not missing these integrations too much at the moment. However, if you are one of those who have a smart hub then it could become a problematic area.  

Thumbturn Convenience: On the inside of the lock, there’s a handy thumbturn that I find incredibly convenient. It serves as a manual override, allowing me to operate the lock without needing my smartphone or traditional keys. This feature has come in handy on multiple occasions, providing an extra layer of convenience to my daily routine.

Security Features

Kwikset Halo comes with the highest residential security standard – BHMA AAA grade. To know more about ANSI lock grading, refer to one of my previous articles. 

Any lock be it a padlock or a smart lock needs to provide mental peace when it comes to home security. Kwikset Halo with BHMA AAA grade rating does provide that mental peace. 

There are other sleuths of security features that the lock offers. Some of the prominent ones are – 

  • Vacation Mode: If you enable this mode, the touchscreen will be disabled. It comes in handy whenever you are traveling. During your absence, you don’t want anyone to use the touchscreen and gain unauthorized access and vacation mode helps you do that by disabling the touch screen itself. 
  • SmartKey Security: Kwikset Halo’s SmartKey Security feature is a game-changer. It simplifies the process of rekeying your lock, making it a brilliant choice for those who manage rental properties. Changing keys has never been this hassle-free.
  • Secure Screen: Enabling this feature on the Kwikset app, will display random digits on the touchscreen before you can enter the access code. This is done to ensure that there are no residual fingerprints left on the lock. I have currently disabled this feature to allow convenient passage.
Vacation Mode and Secure Screen features on Kwikset app

Performance Testing

I embarked on an in-depth performance testing journey with the Kwikset Halo smart lock, and here’s what I discovered:

Lightning-Quick Responsiveness: The Kwikset Halo smart lock impressed with its quick response. Whether I used the mobile app or voice commands with Alexa to lock or unlock, the lock reacted almost instantly. 

User-Friendly Touch Screen: The lock’s well-lit touch screen was very user-friendly. It responded well to touches, making it easy to use the lock’s features and settings. Having said that, there were times when the touchscreen didn’t light up. I have documented easy fixes for those in this article on Kwikset Halo touchscreen not working.

Automatic Locking: One standout feature deserving special mention is the Auto Lock functionality. It consistently locks the door after the set time, adding an extra layer of security and ensuring you don’t forget to lock the door.

Real-Time Alerts: The lock’s notification system worked flawlessly, sending alerts whenever the door was locked or unlocked. This real-time feedback helps you stay informed about who is accessing your door, enhancing security awareness.

Note: The app informs you about whether the lock was opened or not; it doesn’t say anything about the door.

Real time alerts screenshot on Kwikset mobile app

Some Areas of Improvements

Even though there are many more positives than negatives, still there are few areas of improvements. 

  • The lock makes too much noise (to my liking) while operating. I wish it was quieter. 
  • I’ve faced jamming issues 3-4 times already. Although these were caused by misalignment of latch with the strike plate yet I wish there was a mechanism to resolve this issue.  
  • Accessing the programming buttons (“A button” and “Program button”) is a task in itself. They should not have been placed under the hood of interior assembly. 

Battery Life

Battery life is a critical consideration for any smart lock, and the Kwikset Halo does a reasonable job in this aspect. Powered by four AA batteries, it efficiently manages power consumption with minimum battery drain issues, offering months of uninterrupted operation before requiring battery replacement. This battery-powered operation eliminates the need for complex hardwiring, simplifying installation further.


The Kwikset Halo lock costs $199, which comes at a little premium than other smart locks with comparable features. However it makes up for that premium with sleek design, great convenience and security features. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I use the Kwikset Halo if my home Wi-Fi network is not particularly strong or reliable?

Answer – Yes, you can. The Kwikset Halo’s operation does not solely rely on Wi-Fi connectivity. It functions independently and efficiently with its battery-powered operation. While Wi-Fi is used for additional features like remote access and firmware updates, the lock will continue to work even if your Wi-Fi network experiences intermittent issues. 

In case your Kwikset Halo is not connecting to WiFi, you may refer to one of my past articles. 

Q2. Does the Kwikset Halo smart lock work with multiple smartphones simultaneously?

Answer – Yes, the Kwikset Halo can be paired with multiple smartphones simultaneously, allowing authorized users to control and monitor the lock’s status through the mobile app. This feature is ideal for households with multiple family members or shared living spaces.

Q3. Is there a way to monitor the battery life of the Kwikset Halo remotely through the mobile app?

Answer – Yes, the Kwikset Halo mobile app typically provides information about the lock’s battery status. You can monitor the battery life remotely to ensure that you replace the batteries in a timely manner.

Final Word 

In my opinion, Kwikset Halo is one of the best keyless locks considering the numerous features it offers, along with several options to lock and unlock your door. The security of the lock is top-notch, and has been built keeping the ease of use in mind. You can also create up to 250 individual user codes with full-time, limited-time, or one-time access. 

The lock has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled, so you can connect from anywhere using your phone or use Alexa or Google voice commands. The only drawback is that it does not support Apple HomeKit or communicate with third-party gadgets via IFTTT applets. But if that is not your priority, the lock is worth considering.

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