Kwikset Lock not Working After Battery Change? Let’s Fix it!

Key Takeaway

  • If Kwikset smart lock doesn’t work after a battery change, usually the main reasons are incorrect battery replacement, faulty connections or a technical glitch in the lock.
  • To resolve the incorrect battery replacement issue, ensure that you are using the correct batteries in the first place and they are placed properly in the battery pack. 
  • Check for any dirt or corrosion at connection joints  to rule out faulty connections issue.
  • Do a factory reset in case none of the above fixes work.

As someone who has installed Kwikset Halo on his front door and has been using it for some time now, I can understand your frustration if the lock doesn’t work even after a fresh battery change. And you wonder if the investment in a smart lock went down the drain.

However if your Kwikset lock is not working after a battery change, then it is usually due to the following reasons – 

  • Incorrect battery replacement
  • Faulty battery connections 
  • Technical glitch in the lock

Fortunately all these issues can be resolved pretty easily with a little bit of help. In this article, I am going to share step-by-step instructions to help you get out of this problem. So let’s begin. 

Small Note: Since I have Kwikset Halo at home, I have tried and tested all these methods on that model. However I am sure that each of the fixes below will work on other Kwikset models as well.

3 Fixes For Kwikset Smart Lock Not Working After Battery Change

Follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.

1. Ensure that the Batteries are Installed Properly

Improper battery installation is the main culprit behind Kwikset Halo not working after a battery change

Before you check whether the fresh set of batteries are installed properly, it doesn’t harm to ensure that you are using the correct battery type!

For example, Kwikset Halo requires 4 AA alkaline batteries. It might seem silly at first but trust me most of the mistakes done by people are obvious in nature. 

Next thing to check is whether the batteries’ polarity matches with the battery pack. In the above image, the negative polarity of the battery goes at the spring end of the battery housing. 

Another thing worth checking is whether the battery housing is inserted into the lock assembly properly or not. Although the battery housing has enough signage on it to help you put it properly, here is a video that shows how to do it on Kwikset Halo.

Some Tips When You are Replacing Batteries in a Kwikset Smart Lock

  • Try to ensure that all 4 batteries are from the same brand. Don’t mix and match like it is advised for alcohol. Using multiple brands degrades the performance and your batteries will drain out much faster.
  • Replace all the 4 batteries in one go to ensure that your lock is powered by evenly charged batteries.
  • Always use alkaline batteries rather than rechargeable ones. I don’t know the reason behind this but the company advises against using them.

2. Clean your Lock of Dirt and Corrosion

Over time, dirt, dust, and moisture can find their way into the internal components of a lock, leading to the accumulation of debris and the formation of corrosion. These can interfere with the proper functioning of the lock’s electrical connections, resulting in issues such as difficulty turning the key, keypad buttons not responding, or the lock not working even with batteries installed.

To avoid the issue, regularly clean your Kwikset lock to prevent dirt and corrosion from causing issues. Use a soft brush and compressed air to remove debris. For visible corrosion, use isopropyl alcohol or contact cleaner on a cotton swab. 

It is also important to lubricate your lock with a good dry lubricant periodically.

3. Reset your Kwikset Lock

If you’ve tried other troubleshooting steps and your Kwikset lock is still not functioning correctly, a factory reset might be the next course of action. A factory reset will restore the lock to its original settings, clearing any customized configurations and potentially resolving any persistent issues.

Here is how you can reset your Kwikset Halo lock:

Step 1: Begin by removing the batteries from the lock. You will be able to do that by removing the screws on the sides of the interior assembly.

Remove the screws on the side with a Philips screwdriver

Step 2: Once the batteries are removed, press and hold the program button. Here is where you will find the program button.

press and hold the program button

Step 3: While keeping the program button pressed, reinsert the batteries.

Step 4: Continue holding the program button for approximately 30 seconds until the lock emits a beep and the status LED flashes red.

Step 5: Release the program button.

Step 6: Press the program button again, and the lock will emit two beeps and flash green, confirming that it has been successfully reset to its default settings.

Ideally a factory reset should solve almost all your issues however if it doesn’t then I recommend you to get in touch with Kwikset customer support for further help.

Please note: Resetting the lock will erase all the configuration on the lock therefore you will have to set up access codes etc again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I use any type of battery for my Kwikset lock? 

Answer – Kwikset locks typically require alkaline batteries for optimal performance. While other types of batteries might work, it is recommended to use high-quality alkaline batteries to ensure a reliable power supply and prevent potential issues.

Q2.  Can extreme cold temperatures affect my Kwikset lock’s performance?

Answer – Yes, extreme temperatures can impact the performance of your Kwikset locks, they can cause batteries to lose their charge more quickly, leading to a reduced power supply for the lock’s electronic components. 


A Kwikset lock not working after a battery change can be frustrating, but with the troubleshooting steps provided in this blog, you can quickly identify and resolve the issue. Always start with simple solutions like checking battery orientation and cleanliness, and then proceed to more advanced troubleshooting methods if needed. If all else fails, don’t hesitate to reach out to Kwikset’s customer support for further assistance. 

If you were able to fix your Kwikset lock following the troubleshoots given in the article, share your experience in the comment section.

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