Lockpicking Vise – The Best Way to Improve Your Lockpicking Skills

Key Takeaway

  • Lockpicking vises are essential tools for locksmiths, as they make lockpicking a more precise and accurate task.
  • A good lockpicking vise provides a solid grip on the lock, allowing for greater control of the picking tools.
  • It is important to consider the size,  material, features and price of the vise when buying one.

As an aspiring lockpicker, I was learning the intricacies of lockpicking as a hobby when I quickly realized I needed a tool to help with my lockpicking journey – a lockpick vise. Back then, I often found myself running into difficulty with visualizing the individual pin sets in the locks that I practice on. My eyes just couldn’t see the tiny variations between each one of the pin heights, which often led to frustrations and disenchantment with the craft that I had decided to take on. That’s when I stumbled across the lockpick vise and how it changed my entire perspective on the hobby!

It was truly a game-changer. With its adjustable design, the lockpick vise holds the lock firmly in place while I could freely look into the core to visualize the individual pin heights without my hand and eyes being shaky. Not only was the process of picking much faster and easier, but also my success rate began to climb higher and higher as I no longer missed the little crucial differences. 

After seeing this drastic change, I decided to write this blog about the wonders of a lockpick vise. If you are looking to get into the art of lockpicking but don’t know what type of lockpicking vise to buy, this article will come to your aid. Whether you are a beginner just starting to explore the world of lockpicking or an experienced hobbyist, this blog should provide you with all the information you need 

What Is A Lock Picking Vise?

What Is A Lock Picking Vise?

A lockpicking vise, also known as a locksmith vise, is an essential tool for any locksmith or hobbyist interested in improving their lockpicking skills. It allows the user to securely hold a lock in place allowing for greater precision and accuracy when manipulating pins and tumblers. A lockpicking vise can also be used to diagnose a lock and make sure all of the components are functioning correctly.

The vise is usually made from durable steel and is designed with adjustable jaws that can securely hold any size of the lock. The base of the vise is usually weighted to ensure stability, and it often has a non-slip rubber base to prevent it from moving around during use. The vise also features a tension wrench holder, which allows the user to keep their tension wrench firmly in place while they work.

In addition to its practical use, a lockpicking vise can also be an invaluable teaching tool. Instructors can use it to show students how different locks work and how to pick them properly. With practice, a student can learn the intricacies of lock manipulation and can even learn to diagnose problems with locks before picking them.

Ultimately, a lockpicking vise is an invaluable tool for any locksmith or hobbyist interested in improving their lockpicking skills. Trust me, with the right vise; anyone can become a master locksmith.

The Benefits Of Using A Lockpicking Vise

Here are some major benefits of using a lockpicking vise.

Improved Lockpicking Skills: A locksmith vise provides a secure platform for practicing and perfecting lockpicking skills. By having a stable and adjustable vice, it is easier to access the pins inside the lock for successful picking.

Speed: With a lockpicking vise, you can open locks quickly as you can set your desired tension and pick faster than usual. This will save time and give you an advantage over manual picking.

Versatility: The best vice for lockpicking comes with adjustable jaws that make it ideal for different types of locks, from pin tumblers to car keys. It allows you to be more flexible and efficient with your work.

Portability: Lockpicking vices come in a range of sizes and styles, some of which are small enough to fit into a toolbox. This makes them easy to transport and store.

Durability: A lockpicking vise is built to last, made from strong and durable materials such as steel and aluminum. This means you can rely on your vise for years of reliable service.

What To Consider While Buying A Lockpicking Vise

When it comes to lockpicking, having the right tools can make all the difference. A locksmith vise is a must-have tool for any serious lockpicker. But with so many different types of the lockpicking vise on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is best for your needs. Here are some of the things to consider when buying a lockpicking vise. 

First, consider the size of the vise. You want to make sure it is big enough to accommodate the size of the locks you plan to pick. You don’t want to buy a vise that is too small for your lock. On the other hand, you don’t want one that is too large either, as this could cause you to have difficulty positioning the locks. 

Second, think about the material of the vise. Some are made from aluminum, while others are made from steel or other metals. Aluminum is usually cheaper but less durable. Steel is more expensive but tends to be more durable and last longer. 

Third, pay attention to the features that come with each model. Some models may come with features like adjustable jaws and spring-loaded clamps. Others may not have these features, but they might be easier to use or have a better grip.

Finally, take into account the price. The best vice for lockpicking will depend on your budget and your needs. Generally speaking, more expensive models are more durable and come with more features. 

When shopping for a lockpicking vise, it’s important to take all of these factors into consideration in order to find the best one for your needs. 

Best Lockpicking Vise

Here are some of the models that I considered while making my purchase. 

1. Fasmov Swivel Universal Table Vise: This lockpicking vise is constructed from high-quality steel and offers four different jaw sizes to accommodate various sizes of locks. It also has adjustable mounting points so you can position it in the most comfortable way for your work. 
The hardened steel jaws and hardened steel alloy rods make the vise both durable and reliable for the toughest of tasks. Its tensioning handle allows for precision control when picking, giving locksmiths an extra level of control when accessing locks. Whether you’re picking your first lock or a professional locksmith, Fasmov Swivel lockpicking vise is the perfect tool for the job.

Fasmov Swivel Universal Table Vise:

2. PANAVISE 350 Multi-Purpose Lockpick Vise: This lockpicking vise is designed to be durable and reliable, making it perfect for professional locksmiths. It’s made with heavy-duty steel and comes with four interchangeable jaws that can handle different types of locks. 

The vise has extra-wide, self-centering jaws that open to a full 9 inches (228.6 millimeters) and handle heavy objects by putting the weight over the base. The base also has adjustable clamps so that you can adjust it to the perfect position for your work.

PANAVISE 350 Multi-Purpose Lockpick Vise:

3. Yost Tools Yost V-275 Portable Vacuum Base Vise: This lockpicking vice is made with high-quality steel and features three interchangeable jaws that can accommodate small, medium, and large locks. It also has adjustable clamps on the base, so you can move it around easily and position it just the way you want it.

The vacuum base of the vise makes it easier to mount it on various smooth surfaces such as laminates, steel, granite, glass, and others. The head of the Yost vise swivels 360-Degree and pivots 90-Degree positioning helping the user to work without removing the clamped part from the vise.

Yost Tools Yost V-275 Portable Vacuum Base Vise

After much consideration, I bought the Yost one since it was more compact. Besides the size advantage, I really liked the firmness of its base. 

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What are the precautions that one must take care of while using a lockpicking vise?

Answer While using a lock picking vise, one must follow the precautions mentioned below.

  • Always wear eye protection while using a locksmith vise, as the metal and pick blades can be hazardous. 
  • When storing your tools, make sure to keep them away from moisture to prevent rusting and corrosion. 
  • Be sure to clean and lubricate your lockpicking vise regularly to keep it in top condition. 
  • When practicing with your vise, it is important to remember to work slowly and accurately in order to develop a steady hand and become more confident in your lockpicking skills. 


A lockpicking vise is an invaluable tool for any locksmith, providing a secure and stable platform to work on locks with precision. By investing in a quality lockpicking vise, you will be able to improve your lockpicking skills and increase your efficiency. With the variety of locksmith vises available, it can be difficult to choose the best vice for lockpicking. However, by considering factors such as price, size, portability, and strength, you can find the perfect lockpicking vice to fit your needs. Ultimately, a lockpicking vise is a must-have for any serious locksmith, as it is the best way to improve your lockpicking skills.

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