Schlage Lock Blinks Green but Won’t Open? Here’s the Fix!

Key Takeaway

  • If your  Schlage lock is blinking green but not opening, ensure that the lock does not have vacation mode activated on it as the lock will not open using a guest user code in vacation mode.
  • A Schlage lock may also blink green and not open if the lock batteries are dead or if the lock is not installed properly.

Ever since I have installed Schlage Encode on my door, I have been reading up on various issues plaguing the smart lock. And one very interesting issue is Schlage lock blinks green but won’t open.

The reason this issue is interesting because usually the green light denotes that the entered user code is right and the lock should open as expected. But what do you do when it does blink green and doesn’t unlock?

In this article, I will share the reasons and the fixes for Schlage lock blinking green but not opening.

Reasons Why Your Schlage Keypad Lock Blinks Green But Won’t Open

If the lock is flashing green and still not opening, then either there is some hardware malfunction or the vacation mode is enabled.

In any smart lock when the correct user code is entered, the bolt retracts and the lock opens. However if the lock is not opening even after the correct code, the problem lies in proper retraction of the bolt.

This fault in bolt retraction happens due to the following reasons –

  • Accumulation of dirt and dust on interior assembly
  • Misalignment of the bolt with the strike plate
  • Door sagging

Unfortunately if you are locked out, then you can’t do anything about any of these reasons except the third one.

Troubleshooting Steps If You Are Locked Out & Schlage Doesn’t Open

If Schlage lock blinks green and doesn’t open and you are locked out, first of all check if vacation mode is enabled. If it is enabled, turn it off from the Schlage app. If vacation mode is not the reason, then the only solution is open the door with a key or call a locksmith.

Another thing that you can try is to wiggle the door to see if the lock opens but most often than not, it will not work.

Troubleshooting Steps When Not Locked Out

If you are not locked out and your Schlage lock is not opening, then following troubleshooting steps will help you –

  • Check for Misalignment (& Correct it)
  • Disable vacation mode if enabled
  • Lubricate the Lock
  • Replace batteries
  • Factory Reset the lock

Correcting the Misalignment

If the strike plate is misaligned, then bolt will have a hard time to retract. Therefore the first fix is to adjust the strike plate.

To check for misalignment, use the thumb-turn on the inside and see if the bolt extends and goes smoothly into the strike plate. If it does, then misalignment is not the reason behind the lock acting weird.

Disable Vacation Mode

Though Schlage Encode doesn’t have a vacation mode feature but Schlage Connect does. When vacation mode is enabled, even if you enter the correct user code, the lock will not open until and unless the feature is disabled.

People enable this mode whenever they are out on a vacation and don’t want to allow access to anyone.

Generally the mode can be disabled through the Schlage home app. Since Schlage Encode doesn’t have this feature, I will not be able to share the screenshot.

However, below is the screenshot for Kwikset Halo to give you an idea.

Vacation Mode on Kwikset Halo

Lubricate the Lock Parts

As mentioned above, accumulation of dirt and dust can lead to malfunctioning of the bolt. Therefore it makes sense to lubricate the lock frequently.

Always remember to use dry lubricant as it will not let the dust settle in again. If you are wondering which one to choose, then you can refer to one of my earlier articles on the best lock lubricants.

Replace Batteries

You might think that batteries should be fine if you are able to see a green light on the lock; however if the batteries are very low on power, they will not power the bolt to retract.

You can easily check the battery status on Schlage home app. For example, my lock has 94% power remaining.

Battery status on Schlage home app

I will suggest to replace batteries on your Schlage lock if the power is less than 20% and see if the lock opens.

Factory Reset the Lock

Resetting the lock to its factory settings often resolves a lot of issues with Schlage lock. However, you will require default programming code that came with the lock. You can find the default programming code on the interior assembly after removing the cover.

Default programming code for my Schlage Encode

For detailed steps on resetting the lock, refer to my article on how to reset a Schlage smart lock.


If your Schlage keypad lock is flashing green and not unlocking, the issue is most likely with the hardware of the lock, misalignment or enabled vacation mode.

If you are locked out, disable the vacation mode, if enabled. Other fixes include opening the door with a key or calling a locksmith.

If you are not locked out, then refer to all the troubleshooting steps mentioned in the article above.

Do let me know if you have any questions & I will be glad to answer them.

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