Schlage Lock Not Working After Battery Change: 3 Easy Fixes

Key Takeaway

  • If the Schlage lock is not working after battery change, try out these fixes – 
    • Ensure that you are using the right type of battery
    • Batteries were installed properly
    • There is no faulty battery connection or internal wires
    • Reset the lock as the last resort

Though 99% of the time, your Schlage lock will work perfectly fine after battery replacement but there are times when it doesn’t. If you’ve ever experienced such a situation, I am sure you would agree it is nothing short of pure frustration.  

In this article, I am going to address the issue of Schlage lock not working after battery change. I will list down all the possible reasons and their fixes so that you don’t waste much time in resolving the problem. 

If your Schlage smart lock is not working after a battery change, then it is usually due to the following reasons – 

  • Incorrect battery replacement
    • Mixed batteries
    • Batteries were installed incorrectly
  • Faulty battery connections
  • Technical glitch in the lock

Note: I have Schlage Encode installed on my door and all the troubleshooting steps have been tried and tested on it. However, these steps are universal in nature and can be applied to other Schlage models as well.

Troubleshooting Schlage Lock Not Working After Battery Change Issue

1. Ensure That Batteries are Inserted Correctly

Ensure That Batteries are Inserted Correctly

Before moving on the other steps, it doesn’t hurt to check if the batteries were inserted properly in the first place. Checking the batteries makes even more sense if the lock was working just fine before the battery replacement. You need to check for the following – 

  • Check The Battery Type

Make sure you use the correct battery type for your Schlage smart lock. For example, Schlage Encode requires four AA batteries whereas models like BE365, BE367 use a 9 volt battery. 

The chances of you going wrong with this step is almost negligible but it still merits a place on the list as this makes the starting point.

  • Check the Battery Polarity

Ensure that you have correctly aligned the batteries according to the polarity indicated in the lock’s battery compartment. A reversed battery polarity can prevent the lock from functioning properly.

Trust me, reverse battery polarity is perhaps the biggest reason why your Schlage lock is not working after battery change.

  • Use Only Good Brands While Replacing Batteries

Sometimes, low-quality or expired batteries can cause problems with electronic devices. Ensure that you have used fresh, high-quality batteries to power your Schlage smart lock. Investing in reputable battery brands can significantly improve the lock’s performance and longevity.

  • Replace all Batteries at Once

If your Schlage Encode lock uses multiple batteries (e.g., four AA batteries), it’s crucial to replace all of them simultaneously. Mixing old and new batteries or using batteries with different levels of charge can lead to inconsistent power delivery and erratic lock behavior.

2. Check Battery Connections & Internal Wire

If there was no problem with batteries per se, then it is time to investigate the battery connection and the internal wire that connects exterior assembly to interior. 

  • Checking Battery Connection: 

The battery compartment supplies power to interior assembly with 2 metal strips that are attached at the bottom of the compartment as shown in the image below. 

Checking Battery Connection

If these metal strips are worn or broken, then no power will be supplied to the lock and it will not work.

  • Checking Internal Wires

Exterior assembly has a wire which when passed through the door hole connects with the plug on the interior assembly. Here are the images – 

Checking Internal Wires

If there is any breakage in any of these wires, then the lock will not work even with fresh batteries. 

These wires are hidden under the inner assembly. Here is how to check them – 

  • Take off the battery cover from inner assembly
  • Using a Philips screwdriver, remove the screws that are attached to the inner assembly.
  • Once the inner assembly is taken off, you will see both these wires connected.
  • Inspect them closely for any damage.
  • If they are damaged, I will advise you to contact Schlage customer service. I will not advise you to change them yourself.

3. Reset The Lock to Fix Other Technical Glitches

If you’ve come this far, then there is some technical glitch with your lock. In such a situation, resetting the lock usually does the trick. However, note that factory resetting will erase all the user codes and customized configuration so use it as the last resort before contacting Schlage customer care. 

Please refer to How to reset Schlage lock for detailed steps.

After completing these steps, your Schlage Encode lock should be reset to its default settings. You can now reprogram it and configure user codes as needed.


If your Schlage lock is not working after battery change, follow the guidelines outlined in this article and you would easily resolve the problem. 

However, if the issue persists, don’t hesitate to reach out to Schlage customer support or a qualified locksmith for expert guidance. In case you believe I could be of any assistance, do let me know in the comment section below and I will be glad to help.

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