Solved: Learn How To Reset Kwikset Lock Code Without A Key?

Key Takeaway

  • Resetting a Kwikset lock erases all previous settings and user codes from the lock’s memory and returns it to its factory settings.
  • Different types of Kwikset locks require different steps to reset, such as removing the battery pack, pressing and holding the “Program” button, or pressing and holding the reset button.
  • Re-enrolling the Kwikset Kevo lock is necessary after resetting it.

Have you ever found yourself locked out of your home or office because you forgot the code to your Kwikset lock? Maybe you’ve recently moved into a new place and need to reset the code for security reasons, but you’re unsure how to do it. I haven’t been in these situations myself for a while, but I know how frustrating it can be.

In fact, just last week, I received a call from a friend who had recently moved into a new apartment and couldn’t remember the code to her Kwikset lock. She was locked out and had no spare keys to get back in. Luckily, I was able to guide her through the process of resetting her lock code, and she was able to regain access to her apartment.

That’s why I’ve written this blog to share my knowledge and experience on how to reset Kwikset lock codes. In this blog, I’ll provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to reset different types of Kwikset locks

About Kwikset Locks

Kwikset is a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial locks, offering one of the best locks to suit different security needs and preferences and are easy to install. One of the key areas of innovation for Kwikset in recent years has been the development of keyless locks, which allow users to enter their homes or offices without a traditional key.

Kwikset’s keyless locks use a variety of different technologies to provide convenient and secure access. Some of the most popular types of keyless locks from Kwikset include:

1. Touchpad locks: These locks feature a touchpad with buttons that can be used to enter a numeric code to unlock the door. Kwikset’s SmartCode touchpad locks are easy to install and can be programmed with multiple user codes for added convenience.

Touchpad locks

2. Bluetooth locks: Kwikset’s Kevo locks use Bluetooth technology to allow users to unlock their doors with their smartphones. The Kevo app provides an easy-to-use interface for managing access and setting up user accounts.

Bluetooth locks

3. Z-Wave locks: These locks can be integrated into a larger smart home automation system using the Z-Wave wireless protocol. Kwikset’s SmartCode Z-Wave locks allow users to remotely lock and unlock their doors using a smartphone or other compatible device

4. Fob locks: Kwikset’s Kevo Fob provides a convenient alternative to using a smartphone for keyless entry. The fob can be programmed with user codes and used to lock and unlock the door by touching it to the lock.

How To Reset Kwikset Lock Code?

Resetting a Kwikset lock is a process that erases all of the previous settings and user codes from the lock’s memory. When you reset a Kwikset lock, it essentially returns the lock to its original factory settings. This means that any user codes that were previously programmed into the lock will be deleted, and the lock will need to be reprogrammed with new user codes.

Resetting a Kwikset lock can be a useful troubleshooting step if you are experiencing issues with the lock or if you want to change the codes for security reasons. The process of resetting a Kwikset lock depends on the type of lock you have. Here are the general steps to reset different types of Kwikset locks:

Kwikset SmartCode 

  • Step 1: Remove the battery pack from the interior side of the lock. Look for a small rectangular panel just below the keypad. Use a flathead screwdriver or a coin to twist the panel counterclockwise until it pops off. The battery pack should be visible. Gently pull it out to remove the batteries.
    battery pack
  • Step 2: Press and hold the lock button on the keypad.
    hold the lock button
  • Step 3: While holding the lock button, re-insert the battery pack into the lock.
  • Step 4: Continue to hold the lock button for 30 seconds until the lock beeps and the status LED flashes red.
  • Step 5: Release the lock button and wait for the lock to beep two times and the status LED to flash green. This indicates that the lock has been reset.

Kwikset Powerbolt 2

  • Step 1: Locate the small slot on the side of the lock and use a flathead screwdriver to pry off the cover.
  • Step 2: Once the cover is removed, remove the batteries, and you’ll see a round “Program” button.
  • Step 3: Press and hold the “Program” button three times.
  • Step 4: Next, push all the buttons on the keypad in sequence.
  • Step 5: Finally, press the lock button to reset the lock successfully.

Kwikset Kevo

  • Step 1: Remove the cover of the lock. To do this, use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the two screws located on the interior cover of the lock.
  • Step 2: Locate the reset button. The reset button is a small round button located on the back of the lock. It may be labeled with the word “reset” or identified by an icon.
  • Step 3: Press and hold the reset button. Use a small object such as a paper clip or toothpick to press and hold the reset button for approximately 10 seconds until the lock beeps and the LED flashes red.
  • Step 4: Release the reset button. 

Once the reset process is complete, you will need to re-enroll the lock in order to use it again. 

Re Enrolling Kwikset Kevo 

Here are step-by-step instructions for enrolling a Kwikset Kevo lock with smart devices and fobs:

  • Step 1: Open the Kevo app. Make sure that your smartphone or other mobile device is connected to the internet and that you have downloaded the Kevo app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Step 2: Tap on “Add a lock”. In the Kevo app, tap on the “Add a lock” button. This will begin the process of enrolling your Kevo lock.
  • Step 3: Select your lock. If you have multiple Kevo locks in your home, select the lock that you want to enroll in from the list of available locks.
  • Step 4: Follow the in-app instructions. The Kevo app will guide you through the process of enrolling in your lock. Depending on the type of smart device or fob you are using, you may need to perform different actions to complete the enrollment process. For example:
    • For a Smart Device: If you are using a smart device, you will need to enable Bluetooth and Location Services for the Kevo app. You will also need to hold your device next to the Kevo lock and touch the lock to activate it.
    • For a Kevo Fob: To enroll a Kevo Fob, press and release the fob’s enroll button. You will notice that the fob’s LED will begin to blink green.

Next, press and release the Program button and hold the fob close against the back panel. The fob’s LED will begin to blink faster. When the light turns solid green, the fob will be successfully enrolled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How often should I reset the code on my Kwikset lock for security purposes?

Answer – It is generally recommended to reset the code on your Kwikset lock periodically for security purposes. However, the frequency of resetting the code may depend on your specific security needs and risk level.

For most residential users, resetting the code every six months to a year may be sufficient. However, if you have frequent guests or a high turnover rate of people accessing the lock, you may want to reset the code more frequently. It’s also a good idea to reset the code immediately if you suspect that someone has gained unauthorized access to it or if you lose a key or mobile device with access to the lock.

Q2. How many user codes can I add to my Kwikset lock?

Answer – The number of user codes that you can add to your Kwikset lock depends on the specific model of the lock. However, most Kwikset smart locks can hold up to 30 user codes at a time.


Resetting a Kwikset lock erases all previous settings and user codes, returning it to its original factory settings. Resetting a Kwikset lock can be useful for troubleshooting purposes or to change the codes for security reasons. The process of resetting a Kwikset lock varies depending on the type of lock. This blog provides step-by-step instructions for resetting the Kwikset SmartCode Deadbolt, Kwikset Powerbolt 2, and Kwikset Kevo. In addition, it also provides steps for re-enrolling the Kevo lock with smart devices and fobs.

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