About Us

Hey! I am Mark.

I am a finance professional who lives in Toronto with a beautiful wife and 2 lovely daughters. In-fact I am an Asian who shifted to Canada just before the pandemic hit all of us.

Though I am not a locksmith by profession, but locks have always fascinated me since my teens. And it all started when I got locked out of my house and I had to pick the lock.

Since then it has become my hobby to learn more about different kinds of locks, understand their working and methods to pick them up. In due course of time, I have also become better aware of how installing the right lock goes a long way in ensuring iron clad security. And this has come in real handy after I shifted to Toronto.

I aim to share my passion (about locks) through this blog. If you are also passionate about picking locks or are just looking to beef up the security, hop on the ride. My contact details are mentioned here should you require to reach out to me.