Recommendation Process

On Lockspedia, you will find few articles where I will be sticking my neck out to recommend some good products like I did in this article or or this one.

Few readers have asked me about the process that I use to put out these recommendations so this page will detail out all the necessary things.

I will generally divide the products in 3 categories –

  • Tried & Tested: Products that fall under this category would have been tried and tested by me at some point of time in my journey. However I would not have used them personally for a considerable amount of time. Therefore, though these products will be better than the most, I request you to please do little independent research at your end before making the purchase.
  • Personally Used/Currently Using: These are those products that I have personally used for a considerable period of time and know them inside out. And that’s why their description will be in much more detail. In nutshell, I can stick my neck out for these products.
  • Not Tried Personally But Heard: These are those products that I have never tried and tested myself but have heard a lot about in lock-picking community (in Toronto) and online forums. You might ask me – why include something that I have not tried myself? Well, I do that to provide you a comprehensive list of options. I rely on folks in my community and if they are recommending something, I trust it to be good. However as a caveat, please do your comprehensive independent research on such products before making the purchase.

Having said that, if you feel that my recommendation is not good and I need to re-evaluate the options, please do let me know. I am still learning the art of lock-picking and I can also do mistakes.